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Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Haunted Fort Casey Halloween Paddle

Halloween paddle from Ebey's landing to Fort Casey to see the haunted fort.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The wind was dying down from the previous day, but there were still small surf and about 10 kt wind.  I tried to squeeze this trip in between 2 storms. There was  a small craft advisory the day before the paddle and a thunderstorm was forecasted for the day after.

    The wind was about 10-11 kt when we launched. A 1-2 foot surf just made kayak launching at Ebey's landing enthralling and a learning experience.  A couple experience participants helped those who have less experience to surf launch.  The wind and a small current against us did not seem to make anybody in the group to be uncomfortable.  So onward we paddled South toward Fort Casey which is only 2.5 NM from where we launched.

    Closer to Admiralty Head, I started scouting for a landing spot. Seemed like landing on the West side of the head would have less surf than the East side.  Everybody was a champ, they surf  landed without any incident

    The wind was dying down  when we launched from Fort Casey at the end of the day to go back to Ebey's Landing. The group was a bit scattered this time, but everybody landed safely back. 

    For those who have never been surf launching and landing with their kayak, it was a very good learning moment. The surf was small enough that it was not intimidating, yet they were able to observe and tried to launch and land.

Small surf when we launched at Ebey's LandingMountaineers_SeaKayaking_FortCasey_22-10 - 17-COLLAGE.jpg

Made it to Fort Casey to have lunch and  see the haunted fort exhibition.Mountaineers_SeaKayaking_FortCasey_22-10 - 94-COLLAGE.jpg

We also climbed up to the top of the light houseMountaineers_SeaKayaking_FortCasey_22-10 - 116-COLLAGE.jpg

Made it back to Ebey's landing for a beautiful sunsetMountaineers_SeaKayaking_FortCasey_22-10 - 208.jpeg