Trip Report    

Sea Kayak - Columbia River: Stevenson to Drano Lake

Moderately strong winds, warm air, warm water and a great group made for a fine day on the river. A pleasure to play on the waves in shorts and shirt!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Winds estimated at 8-10kt in the morning and 10-15kt in the afternoon. Water temperature over 70 degrees. Air temperature around 80 degrees with clear skies. Waves at 1-2' in the morning and 1-3' in the afternoon. River flow estimated around 1-2kt.


All arrived before 8:30 and we performed the car shuttle to Drano Lake. We got on the water just after 10am. The weather was sunny and warm with an 8-10kt west wind creating nice waves to surf. We made it to Home Valley park at 11:30 and had a leisurely lunch with lots of blackberries to pick.
After lunch we did some rescues and maneuvering in the wind/waves that had picked up to 10-12kt before heading east to Drano Lake. On this section the wind picked up as expected and the waves became larger and faster, making it challenging to get enough speed to catch them. The waves changed again for the last couple miles, making them easier to catch and creating some nice rides. We did some more rescue practice outside the entrance to Drano Lake and then headed in to the take out. All but one gathered at the Walking Man Brewery for refreshment and dinner.
A very fine day on the water in beautiful scenery and with warm water to allow paddling in shorts and a shirt!S0227030.JPG