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Sea Kayak - Chuckanut Bay

Minus 3 conditions at the start provided great opportunity to view the intertidal zone. Sandstone formations make this a beautiful place to paddle.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Forecast was max wind at 7 knots, with gusts to 12. This is what we got. Waves were less than 1 ft.  Some swells.  In the afternoon the wind speed was less but the swells were about 1 ft maybe occasionally 2 ft.

Met at Larrabee State Park boat launch.  Discovery pass required.  Paddled out of Wildcat Cove, and north toward Governors Point. After rounding Governors point we paddled toward the south end of Chuckanut Island, then up the east side toward the rookery.  We headed east towards the shore of Chuckanut Bay.  We followed the shore toward the north end of the bay.  Then we continued following the shore, past the train trestle, around toward Clark’s Point and into the cove.  The cove displays more sandstone formations, including concretions that resemble fossilized palm tree trunks, and intertidal life, The 3 students who needed this as a graduation paddle performed their self and assisted rescues here.  After lunch we proceeded out of the cove towards Governors Point and toward Larrabee State Park boat launch.  Covered 7 nm.

There were 3 students who needed this as a graduation paddle.  The rest of the participants (except one who is listed as a BSK grad) were technically students but had already completed their graduation paddles.  Overall a low experience group of participants. Fortunately my two assistants we’re experienced paddlers.  Water conditions were a little sporty for the folks.  In the morning they paddled into the wind.  In the afternoon the paddled with the wind.  But in the end they felt proud of themselves in what they’ve experienced and accomplished.  I didn’t have to tow anyone. .  Good bunch of folks.