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Naches, Yakima & Seymour Peaks

May 7, 2016. Parked at Cayuse Pass because Chinook Pass wasn't open yet. Walked Hwy 410 north for about 1/4 mile then barged east up the hillside toward the west side of Yakima peak. Veered left on the way up to avoid a cliff band and contoured around to the north side of Yakima then up to the saddle that's the normal route from Chinook Pass and followed it up to the summit. Exited south off Yakima from a notch just west of the summit block and followed steep snow slopes (nice and soft due to the blaring sun) down toward Tipsoo lake and eventually over the PCT bridge across 410. Ascended along the north ridge of Naches as much as possible until we reached the scramble section to the final ridge (which was melted off) that took us over to the fabled big step. Setup a handline to descend the step then did more class 3 scrambling over to the true summit. Returned across the ridge, up the step then traveled down snowslopes on the west side of Naches until reaching the bend in the road, paralleled it a bit, then shortcut down near the creek to the bottom hairpin turn and followed the road back to the cars. Seven hours car to car, excellent weather and an excellent group.