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Intermediate Snowshoe - Huntoon Point

Despite low visibility, the trip to Huntoon Point is always a treat. The best views are of the group members.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Due to attentive road management from the Mt. Baker operations, the road to the Mt Baker ski area was suitable for all cars practicing smart winter driving.

We had a low-risk (green) avalanche day and our experience on the snow matched the reports. The snow was consolidated with a crunchy top layer, particularly the morning. This lent to easy travel  to Huntoon Point. The visibility vacillated between little to none and at some points of our trip, the conditions were nearly white-out. Unfortunately, this meant that we missed out on the stellar mountain views that the Huntoon Point snowshoe trip has to offer. It also meant that we had to consult GPS on the way down since we could not see landmarks to help us navigate. The group was great, with positive attitudes and an interest in making the most of the trip despite the weather. 

The temperatures rose a bit later in the day and snowfall became wetter over time. We had wet snow for the last half mile of our trip, and we were glad to be back indoors.

We did make a detour on the way down to visit the Winter Camping students and check out their snow cave constructions. ;-)