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Intermediate Alpine Climb - Lane Peak: Zipper & Lovers Lane

Objective was Zipper. 18" fairly new snow and 0900 Longmire gate opening. We elected to not attempt the climb after snowshoeing to near the base of the Zipper climb, due to time available and the unconsolidated snow to the base of the climb.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Snow shoes or skis essential on March 4, 2018 for this trip.  18 inches of recent snow over a consolidated based.  Our testing found the North facing slopes at the base of the climb relatively stable, with weak layer around 45 cm depth.  More new snow during this trip - Sunday 4 March 2018.

    Some difficulty finding a good crossing for Tatoosh Creek near the base of the proper climb.  Recommend crossing early upon reaching the meadow where minimum altitude is achieved near the base of the climb - below Denman Peak.

We snowshoed to near the base of the climb, observed conditions, and dug one pit for to look at any conditions after much Cascades avy activity over the last week.  We found general stability in the pit.  

Ultimately we decided not to attempt the climb due to the unconsolidated nature of the snow to approach the climb.  We expected to wallow in the deep snow for the 600' vertical to the base of the climb and have to post-hole down the South facing slopes in what we thought would be higher risk avalanche terrain.  

Still was a good snowshoe in lots of new snow with a little more accumulating during the day.

After a little consolidation, this route will be ready to take on.