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Freshwater Bay

  • Tue, Jun 10, 2014
  • Freshwater Bay
  • Sea Kayaking

What a lovely weekend for paddling the Freshwater Bay to Crescent Bay shoreline. Paddle plan was changed slightly at the beginning of the morning. The original plan was to paddle from Crescent Bay to Freshwater Bay and back. However, prevailing wind conditions and prediction for increasing winds during the day caused a reversal of the paddle plan with origination at Freshwater Bay going to Crescent Bay and return. Rock gardening opportunities were plentiful with the swell fairly friendly.

The wildlife was spectacular. We saw plenty of bald eagles. There were several groups of playful river otters both at the launch site and along the shoreline. We saw single raccoon foraging along the shore. There we plenty of the quintessential seals. And an orca. Yes I said ORCA. A single bull male was traveling eastward along the shore and passed quite close to us. Display of the dorsal fin was quite prominent. It was impressive watching the boils travel within 20 feet of our boats. The whale was too smart for us and never completely surfaced so that we could see more than his dorsal fin. Still it was quite impressive.

We paddled back to the launch site with the wind at our backs, bright sun, hardly a cloud overhead and memories of a wonderful day.