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Dome Peak/Dome Glacier

Downey Creek trail is very pleasant. The first leg of Bachelor Creek trail is easy to follow to 4100 when it crosses to the south side. I used some beat found on other sites that mentioned a bypass route to avoid the hellish slide alder.
Do not cross the log at 4100 ft, back up a bit and find a very faint trail into the brush aiming for the forest 100 feet above and a list of 100yds. This part is not pleasant. From there go due east on a rising traverse to 4500ft staying slightly below the flat area. You will find a huge log at 4525 ft and cross back over the creek to pick up the trail.
Cub Lake is a fantastic spot, room for half dozen tents. 9 hrs to the lake.
1 hrs to Itswoot Ridge. Gully to Dome Dana Col is mostly snow free with some dangerous talus.