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Trip Report    

Day Hike - Wilds of Queen Anne

A pleasant walk through QA, visiting several parks and smaller green spaces. We took all the stairs we found, for as much elevation gain as possible.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Some of the sidewalks can be slippery on the way down, especially if they are covered in moss. Otherwise, the biggest hazard is crossing streets!

We walked a hilly loop through Queen Anne, visiting parks and learning about the local history. We deviated from the original itinerary to visit a coffee shop and had a nice break there. It was fun seeing all the different styles of houses (especially the huge ones by Kerry Park) and the backyard (or rather front yard) chicken coops. This could be a gorgeous hike in late spring / early summer, when everything is blooming, but we also found lots of interesting bushes, trees and even flowers on this January morning. Our group of 9 made the most of a potentially rainy morning, and as it often happens it didn't even rain much. 

Many thanks to SuJ'n C. for sharing her map!