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Day Hike - Skookum Flats

This hike was an easy path with many pockets of surprise. The views of the falls and the snow fall on top of that made it magical.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles

Since our group went right after  a tad of snow fall, the parking  situation was a bit confusing. We could not park in the parking area directly in front of the trail, so had to drive back about a quater of a  mile for parking. Parking on the side of the road by the trailhead was not allowed as the Forest Service stopped to inform us. 

Yak traks, as recommeded by our group leader, came in handy. The trail didn't have too much snow on it so I didn't use my hiking poles, but in deeper snow they would have come in handy. There was not much elevation gain unless you want to go explore the falls and where they land. I would recommend this hike if you wanted to start building up to distance hiking since it was eight miles but low elevation gain.