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Day Hike - Mount Ellinor

Great day. Lots of snow. Road is a little tricky, you have to park lower on the road

  • Snow and ice on road
  • Lots of snow on road. Cars having trouble. Backing down my truck got into a ditch. Cratched side a bit. Trail has snow on it from the start of the lower trailhead. We made it to the junction with the upper trailhead. 3 plus feet of snow there. We turned around at that point.

Made it almost to the parking area at the lower trailhead. Backed down when road was sketchy. Got into the ditch a bit. Be careful on the way up and down in the snow. Cars and trucks still slide. Hiked a bit to the trailhead. As a hike I didn't bring snowshoes and we were fine up to about 1/2 mile to the junction with the upper trail route. The snow started to get soft and deep. Gaiters are recommended. Took lots of pictures. The trees were dropping snow and it was nice to get out even though we were not going to the top. We had our Turkey themed Hiaku throw down and laughed alot. Ice cream in town for a reward.