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Day Hike - Lake 22

Our Lake 22 Day Hike went well although it was very wet. All of us would have been very happy to have had nice weather. This is a very pretty hike and is at its optimum during the summer and fall.

  • Sat, Nov 26, 2016
  • Day Hike - Lake 22
  • Lake 22
  • Day Hiking
  • Successful
  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • The trail had water flowing down it quite frequently.  The amount of water flowing over the trail made it a trail where over the ankle hiking boots were best able to protect your feet and ankles.  There were a couple of downed trees on the trail which were pretty easy to get over.  There was one area where there had been a recent mud slide.  We were able to get across it, but boots were best for traction in this area.  We ran into just a small amount of snow on the board walks next to the lake.  At this time it is minimal, but still requires one to be careful going over it.

We met at the Verlot Ranger Station and drove 2 more miles to the trailhead.  Lots of parking at 8:45.  National Forrest Pass is necessary at this trailhead.  We took a few minutes to get geared up and  moving up the trail.  The trail has a large puddle almost as soon as you get on to it.  A route around it is visible to your right going up the trail.  Through out the the whole hike there was water running down the trail and on to the trail.  It was pleasant though to find some dry areas on the trail.  Knowing that the trail was going to be very wet I advised people to bring shoes or boots of some sort to change into after the hike.  As we are now into our winter weather season I believe the trail will be this wet much of the time, snow also will be coming and necessary gear should be brought with.  I did have our group bring micro spikes and hiking poles just to be on the safe side in case of snow.  All in all we did have a safe successful trip.