Trip Report    

Day Hike - Bentrim Hill

Fun and companionship and cold clear conditions and Western larches and Mountain Queers make for a good day out!

  • Road rough but passable
  • The only reason I gave this trip a 4 out of 5 was hiking through an old burn for the vast majority of the trip.  Trees down across the trail were frequent but not difficult.  Also, I had been under the impression that the general hunt was over, but we encountered a fair amount of “orange people”.

Fun day out with the Mountain Queers, a strong and ready group to brave the cold and blustery conditions of the day.  We made a lollipop loop starting from near Haney Meadows, using the Old Ellensburg, Grouse Spring, Howard Creek Tie, and Howard Creek trails to summit majestic Bentrim Hill, #72/100 of the Wenatchee Back Court Peaks.  Conditions were generally that of frozen mud with a number of dead burnt trees to step over or around.  


The worst section for trees down was on the Howard Creek Tie portion of the loop.  Apart from two hunters on foot, and one hunter in a 4x4, we encountered no one else.  And luckily did not hear any gunshot.  Views from Bentrim Hill included the Enchantment Peaks and Mt Rainier, plus views up to the peaks above Lake Wenatchee.  And the Western larch were majestic, especially in the section of the road drive just below Diamond Head.  

Overall, a great day with my Mountain Queer peeps.  We talked of future adventure plans.  Looking forward to that!