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Copper & Iron Mountains (Mount Rainier)

Trip was on 5/16/2015 of ~9 hrs. A mostly dry day with constant clouds and intermittent bright spots in the sky (not even close to blue ;). Continuous snow started/ended at ~5100' (just above Devil's Dream inbound, just below Indian Henry's outbound). Wonderland trail has no obvious track in snow heading north to suspension bridge. Took a leisurely lunch on the porch of ranger cabin before bagging Copper Peak. Passed on Iron peak to ensure plenty of time to find our way down to the suspension bridge.

  • Red Marker
    46.736156, -121.856060
    46.7361556817 -121.856060028
  • Red Marker
    46.792833, -121.827521
    46.7928330042 -121.827521324

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