Trip Report    

CHS 1 Hike - Excelsior Ridge

Beautiful Hike with Views and Berries.

  • Road rough but passable
  • The trail is in great shape. We choose to come in from the Damfino Lakes trailhead.  

This is a beautiful hike  with views of Baker, Shuskan and peaks in Canada to the north. The road is 15 miles of unpleasant, but any vehicle should be able to make it. Forest Pass required. The weather forecast was for 40% chance of rain after 11 AM, we never saw a drop all weekend. Right now, there is still some water in the creek in the first meadow. Otherwise plan to carry what you need. The summer flowers are in their last bloom, fall colors have barely started, but the berries are ripe and abundant.

baker view

Shuskan view