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Chain & Doelle Lakes

Our trip went pretty much as planned in spite of a little rain. It limited the views a bit though. We took 3 days to cover the 24+ miles with both nights at a small, unmarked but good camping area just past the third Icicle Creek crossing and before Chain Lake Trail turnoff. You can pump water from a creek less than 100 feet away or dip from Icicle Creek about 1000 feet back on the trail. We just had enough room for our 7 tents and cooking area, and could have squeezed in one more. I don't recommend attempting to camp there with a party of 9 or more though. It worked great to be able to ascend up to Chain Lakes and Doelle Lakes with only day packs instead of our full packs. There is better camping at the lakes of course, but getting there in one day would make it a much more strenuous backpack.