Trip Report    

Bikepack - Olympic Discovery Trail: Olympic Adventure Route

A glorious fall week-end for one last bikepacking trip in the Olympics. Olympic Adventure Trail Westward on day 1 and Olympic Discovery Trail on the way back on day 2.

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Despite two straight weeks of rain and a major wind storm the week before, the Olympic Adventure Trail (the single-track section of the ODT) was  in great shape with minimal mud and very few down branches and only 1 down trees. One detour forced on a  good gravel road for about 2 miles before reconnecting to the OAT. The Spruce Railroad trail was also in good shape except for 1 large log that can be negotiated by hiking the bike around it.  On the ODT the paved road section of SR 112 had minimal traffic and a decent shoulder on the way back.

A group of 7 had a fantastic time on bluebird weather window on Halloween week-end travelling the OAT westward and returning to the trailhead via the ODT the next day.  

group at living room.jpg

We parked at the Horse Trailhead of the Olympic Adventure Trail off of SR112 which has a very large parking lot and it is preferred by locals due to more available space and being off the highway. 

The Olympic Adventure Trail  is a fantastic non-technical single-track section of the Olympic Discovery Trail. The first 20 miles are all on trail and the last 4 are on a good gravel road to Lake Crescent. 




The route is quite hilly with several sustained climbs with many switchbacks and has a couple of creek crossing that required getting off the bike  but our group was able to ride the trail 99.5% of time.


251904803_10217064007627200_4141060194909732766_n.jpg252270747_10217064996011909_3127663970090804907_n.jpgAlong this route water is available along the many creeks that were running quite strongly this time a year and from Lake Crescent.

In Piedmont, the route continues to the west end of Lake Crescent via the paved Spruce Railroad Trail which has a mild grade from east to west.  The route has two tunnels one of which is long enough and on a curve so bike lights are a must. This trail has been recently paved (in fall 2020) and it in great shape (except for one down tree). It was busy with families walking and and other cyclists especially near the eastern end.  

Day 1 stats: 33 mile and 3000 ft gain in 7:40 total.

We dispersed camped in the forest near the end Lake Crescent.  In the summer Fairholm Campground is a great option and has hiker/biker sites.  

Night was chilly with temperatures dropping down to the upper 30's but we were well equipped and everyone was comfortable sleeping in their tents. Daytime temps did not reach much above 40 degrees but nice sunshine and adequate clothing made the ride very enjoyable nevertheless.

The next morning after cycling to the lakeshore for some early morning pictures 


in the sunshine, we headed back on the Spruce Railroad Trail in brilliant sunshine and made an obligatory stop to Devil's Punchbowl for pictures. What a cool spot!



From the western trailhead of the SRT, we rode the Joyce Piedmont Road/SR 112 to our starting point. This section of road was not very busy and has a good shoulder.

Day 2 Stats: 24 mi and 1230 ft gain in 3:30 total time.

A great last hurray to bikepacking  before days get too short and cold in the PNW.