Trip Report    

Basic Canyon - South Fork Snoqualmie River

The perfect waterpark on a hot afternoon

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Waterflow was 52 cfs according to the Garcia gauge downstream, which was the ideal amount of flow for all levels of canyoneers to play in and enjoy. The big slide is VERY fun at this flow. All anchors are in good condition. No notable challenges or hazards beyond the usual.

We had a fantastic trip through South Fork Snoqualmie on a sunny afternoon with a high of 85.  We had a mix of 4 experienced, 1 intermediate, and 3 beginners in our group. We met at 3:30pm, dropped into the canyon at 4:30pm, and arrived back at our cars below Franklin Falls at 8:45pm.  

At Fall-into-the-Wall falls, participants chose to either rappel, rappel partway and jump from the halfway ledge (5'), or jump from the top ledge (10' technical). It was a great warm-up for the waterpark to come.

After some swimming and creek walking, we soon came upon the big slide. This slide is 18' (8' slide and 10' vertical drop) into a cavern-like slot. Everyone decided whether to slide based on their comfort level, and we had 7 of 8 in the group run the slide. And some did it twice! :-)



We swam the downstream pools until we reached the DCL jump platforms. There are two heights, about 12' and 15' from which you have the option to jump into a deep pool with a clean landing. One person set a 'personal best' jump here! 


After this, there were a lot of leisurely swimming, downclimbing, creek walking, and smaller jumps and slides until we reached Rap 1 and the top of Franklin Falls.




It helped to have 3x 100' ropes and a 200' rope so we could simultaneously rig Rap 1, a handline to the R2/traverse line bolts, a traverse line to the edge, and Franklin Falls, which is a 100' vertical rappel along the outer spray zone of a beautiful waterfall. We provided the option of a top belay.



Franklin Falls was the biggest rappel, so far, for some of the folks on the team. Everyone did a great and we are so proud of them!

The waterpark took two hours, the technical section took a little over two hours, and the exit was 5 minutes. All in all, a very fun way to spend a hot afternoon!