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Alpine Scramble - Labyrinth Mountain/Standard Route

Nice 5 mile RT jaunt up into some beautiful alpine!

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Only thing to mention on the route up to the lake is potential for catching yourself or slipping on exposed roots and it is pretty steep most of the way, but a well worn trail that is easy to follow.

    Once at the lake, it was a little muddy in spots around 10 AM when we got there, but dried out by the time we descended. 

    Rest of the way up to the summit was a little muddy in places both ways, but we also had rain the night prior and mist/clouds the whole way up. Route was completely snow free.

Left the trailhead around 8:50, made it to the lake at 10 AM sharp. Felt like a great pace for our group and made the only miserable part of the scramble somewhat enjoyable. Saw a handful of people going up with us. We were in the clouds the rest of the day, so no views to speak of unfortunately. The route from the lake to the base of the summit is a beautiful rolling walk with plenty of heather and various other wild flowers all around right now. The actual scramble portion is pretty quick and very mild, so this is definitely a good scramble for first timers if you have some in your group. The area is ripe for spectacular views once at the lake, so don't let our cloudy day ruin your thoughts of doing this one. I'll definitely be back to lead this one many more times as it's just a great trip. Back to the cars in just a little over 4 hours going at a fun pace with stops for water and restroom breaks. Even spent about 15 mins on the summit before it started to get too cold with the wind.