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Alpine Scramble - Buell only due to weather

Change of location from Governor/Barrier to Buell/Barrier. Only was able to complete Buell due to poor weather conditions. Still a fun day of bushwhacking

  • Road suitable for all vehicles
  • Parked at Deer Creek trailhead on SR 123.  The Deer Creek to Owyhigh Lakes trail is in good shape though the bridges over the creeks need some tending.  We bushwhacked from 4,600 feet up to the Buell/Barrier Saddle.  It was wet and slick in places, but wasn't too bad as long as we kept it slow.  Coming down just required extra time and patience because of wet it was from the previous night and today's rains, but we were able to descend without issue.

Parked at Deer Creek trailhead and headed up to 4,600 feet.  Bushwhacked straight up Buell passing the infamous elk horns and elk bones.  First 200 feet of the bushwhack were challenging, but as we got higher, we found some game trails that we were able to utilize.  Got to the saddle of Buell/Barrier and headed up to Buell.  By this time it was a rain/sleet mix and there were ice pellets sticking to the ground.  We saw Barrier and Governor's Ridge off in the distance, but clouds quickly moved it.  We completed our summit at Buell.  But, it was windy, cold, and wet, so we decided to skip Barrier especially since there was a chance of thunderstorms after 11am.  We descended carefully down the bushwhack route back to the main trail and back out to the cars by 1:30pm.  Good day overall considering the less than pleasant weather.  Six people completed the scramble