Winter Scramble - North Slide Mountain


Winter Scramble - North Slide Mountain

A gorgeous and relatively new Winter Scramble in the NE corner of Mount Rainier National Park. This strenuous trip (~5000’, ~13 miles) uses a low elevation start near the Ranger Creek Airstrip.

  • Sat, Dec 17, 2022
  • Seattle Alpine Scrambling Subcommittee - Winter Scrambling
  • Scrambling
  • Adults
  • Strenuous 5, Technical 4
  • Challenging
  • Mileage: 13.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 5,000 ft

Arranged via email.

After a non-trivial negotiation of the epic potholes near the Ranger Creek Airstrip (along its western side to reach its SW corner) we will start hiking the Suntop Trail at its 2583’ elevation.  We will travel the Suntop trail (covered to varying degrees with snow/ice) until an elevation of ~4800’ where we start our cross country travel (the current trail is lower than that shown on USGS maps).

After gaining the ridge at ~5500’ we basically stay near its crest (for negligible avalanche hazards) all the way out to Slide Mountain (elevation 6339’, also known as North Slide Mountain).   Past trips have experienced icy conditions on the Suntop trail near ~4600’ (where it traverses a steep slope), so attendees should verify a proper crampon fit on their boots at home.

Party members should also expect substantial headlamp hiking at the end of the day, so please bring fresh and extra batteries (even better, a 2nd headlamp with the fresh batteries already installed).  Photos from other trips (summer and winter) can be seen here.


South Slide Mountain

  • USGS White River Park

    Green Trails Greenwater No. 238

    USGS Greenwater

    Green Trails Mt Rainier East No. 270

    Green Trails Mount Rainier Wonderland No. 269SX
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Required Equipment

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