Frontcountry Trail Run - Tradition Plateau Interpretive Shelter


Frontcountry Trail Run - Tradition Plateau Interpretive Shelter

Put Your Excuses Behind You: There are a million and one reasons not to run on Jan. 31. It's cold. It's dark. Your heater and fuzzy slippers are calling your name... But we're asking you to put your 'buts' behind you. Join us, the Foothills Trail Running Branch, for our first official run, as we host REI's No Buts Night Run! For every person who pledges and runs in the dark, REI will donate $1 to the American Hiking Society up to a total of $10,000. So we’re pairing up to get people outdoors, enjoying the evening (that’s right-time to break out your headlight!), and running for a good cause. We’ll be operating three runs simultaneously divided by pace/distance - short (2-4), medium (4-6), long (6+) - decide which one is right for you and please RSVP here so we know who to expect where!

COVID-19: Learn about our most up-to-date guidance for participants and leaders on our COVID-19 Response page. All participants and leaders must agree to the COVID-19 Code of Conduct before participating in this Mountaineers activity.
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 Meeting time - 6:00 pm

Meeting place - the High Point Trailhead parking lot (map found here).

After speaking the DNR, it looks like we are good to go at this trailhead for multiple parties! (We'll be splitting into smaller groups based on pace on the trail, but otherwise please join us at High Point.)  In addition, carpools to the trailhead are welcome - expect an email on this subject.

The Tiger Mountain Lowlands are an excellent mix of everything from a few gravel roads to single track and heavily wooded areas to a few cleared trails near the power/gas lines. Expect elevation gains varying from 500-1000 feet elevation gain depending on the distance/pace group you choose. Expect a lovely evening with at least a stop or two to check out the evening's sights.


  1. - Meet some fantastic people (engage in breathy conversations)
  2. - Practice or try your mad trail lighting skills (embrace the night)
  3. - Be safe (night-running: a run and calculated risk)
  4. - Raise money for our trails (remember to sign the pledge!)
  5. - No matter the weather, enjoy the experience (revel in the mud)
  6. - Get out there and run! (Or fast walk; trade secret for those too steep hills)
  7. - Howl at the moon and run as a pack (get close to your inner wolf and prepare for a pure, simple, and lovely evening run-howling optional)


  • Please read and prepare to follow our participant guidelines found here: .
  • Be prepared for the conditions! Expect the winter (i.e. most likely wet) running conditions of the pacific northwest and plan accordingly. If you need help selecting gear or if you have questions, please reach out to our leaders. Bring dry clothes to change into.
  • Know yourself and then please share that knowledge. We would like everyone to have the most enjoyable time possible. Sharing with us your mileage and pace (with trail or night running expect at least a minute or four below your regular pace) expectations so we can make sure that you'll be in a distance/pace you'll enjoy.

For more information about the run and your ‘pledge to run’ (what will cause REI to donate a dollar to the American Hiking Society) please visit:

Please check back for CalTopo routes depending on the distance (or look to your emails). These will serve as group guidelines dependent on the conditions/desires of the separate teams. Additional note: unless those running in the 4-6 mile running group hardily protest, they will probably be accompanied by a friendly, chill dog named Asher. He's very non-judgmental and an overall great team player.

I imagine at least a few of use will meet up for a beer (or beverage) and bite afterwards at the Rogue Alehouse. Bring an dry, extra set of clothing and come join us! After all, you earned it.

Interested in becoming a trail run leader? Apply today!


Tradition Plateau Interpretive Shelter

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  • Sturdy running shoes
  • Layered clothing (please remember that cotton is rotten!)
  • Illumination method(s)
  •  Any other desired running equipment
  • Safety gear as determined by leader
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