Possession Sound


Sea Kayak - Lighthouse Park to Possession Beach Waterfront Park

Paddle from Lighthouse Park in Mukilteo across Possession Sound, south to Possession Beach Waterfront Park. Watch for powerboat traffic and marine wildlife; always be prepared for the afternoon wind.

  • Sea Kayak II/III+
  • Moderate
  • Mileage: 8.0 nm
  • Maximum Wind: 10 kts
  • Maximum Waves: 1.5 ft
  • Maximum Currents: 0.5 kts
  • Pace: 2.5 - 3 knots

We will meet on the beach just south of the dock at Mukilteo Boat Launch at Lighthouse Park. Please plan to arrive at 8:45 a.m. At 9:45 am we will have our pre-launch chat on the beach, then we will launch at 10:00 am. Feel free to arrive earlier if you need extra time to get ready. Remember that most parking near the launch is for boat trailers; you may have to unload your equipment and move your vehicle to a regular parking spot. You will also have to pay for parking. Plan to park for about 6 hours - this should be enough time to unload your vehicle, complete the trip (about 4 hours total), and load your vehicle when you return. We should be off the water by around 2 p.m.

Please keep an eye on this space and your email as we get closer to the trip for information regarding changes to the plan.

Please be sure to bring all of your equipment and to arrive on time. If you arrive too late for launch and/or do not have the proper equipment, you will not be allowed to join the trip. I will send follow-up emails the week of the trip on how to contact me if you have any issues the morning of. Use the equipment list below to ensure you bring what you need.

This paddle is an excellent opportunity for new paddlers to experience a crossing. We will leave the Mukilteo Boat Launch at 10 am, paddling 2nm across Possession Sound to Whidbey Is., then heading south another ~2nm to Possession Beach Waterfront Park. During the crossing, stay in a group and watch for powerboats and marine wildlife. Expect about 1.5 hours to get to the waterfront park. Once there, we will have a one-hour lunch and the opportunity to enjoy the views and use the facilities, then paddle back to the Mukilteo Boat Launch the way we came. The entire trip should take about 4 hours, with a paddling pace of 2.5kn - 3kn. We expect to be off the water by about 2 p.m.

Currents in this area are listed as weak and variable, there will be a consistent flooding current the entire day. We will paddle against a light 0.2kt current in the morning; a 0.3-0.5kt current is listed for the afternoon. This does not mean that the water will be still - there can still be movement as the water shifts and moves.

An afternoon wind is typical for this area. Be ready to deal with this as we head back toward Mukilteo. We will watch the weather forecast as we get closer to the trip to keep us prepared.


Possession Sound

  • NOAA Puget Sound: Shilshole Bay to Commencement Bay No. 18474

    NOAA Puget Sound: Oak Bay to Shilshole Bay No. 18473
  • See full route/place details.
Required Equipment

Required Equipment

These eight essentials plus The Ten Essentials are required on all sea kayaking trips.  All but the whistle and clothing should be provided with any kayak rental.

  1. Floatation in both ends of the kayak
  2. U.S. Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
  3. Paddle
  4. Spray skirt
  5. Bilge pump with floatation
  6. Self-rescue paddle float
  7. Waterproof whistle
  8. Appropriate clothing for the conditions encountered seasonally
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