Global Adventure - Hike and Backpack the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway


Global Adventure - Hike and Backpack the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway

This 10-day adventure immerses you in the magical mountain and fjord terrain of the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway. Explore on foot and by van with a local guide across the Lofoten archipelago, a rugged, verdant green chain of islands 122 miles north of the Arctic Circle, with granite peaks rising 4000 feet straight up from the sea and surrounded by blue water. Camp on remote beaches and in high meadows; hike up peaks for unforgettable views; and stay in historic rorbuers (fishermen’s huts) in fishing villages tucked under the sheer mountains. We’ll provide and carry our own overnight gear and food for 5 nights camping between rorbu stays. THE MEMBER FEE LISTED IS FOR THE FINAL PAYMENT ONLY - SEE LEADERS NOTES FOR THE TOTAL PRICE DETAIL. Permission requests will not be accepted until registration opens.

  • Sun, Jun 11, 2023 — Tue, Jun 20, 2023
  • Global Adventures Committee
  • Global Adventures, Backpacking
  • Adults
  • Strenuous
  • Challenging
  • Mileage: 32.5 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 20,279 ft
  • High Point Elevation: 2,915 ft
  • Pace: 2 mph

Arrive no later than Sunday June 11, 2023 in Bodo, Norway, where we’ll stay in a local hotel, and spend the next day in Bodo shopping, exploring and awaiting any delayed luggage.  The next morning we’ll take a ferry from Bodo to Moskenes and meet our guide and rental vans.  We’ll finish our Lofoten adventure at the Evenes airport on Tuesday June 20. 

Itinerary Highlights:    Our Lofoten itinerary begins with flights into Bodo Norway, a lively seaside town at 67o N latitude and one of the main gateways to the Lofoten Islands.  We’ll transfer to a hotel in town for two nights, with  a welcome dinner on the second night.  The next morning we’ll board a ferry to another world, the remote, sheer, verdant Lofotens.  Here we’ll meet our local guide (who will be with us for the whole Lofoten trip), hike to 360-degree panoramas atop Tindstinden mountain, and spend our first Lofoten night in the town of Moskenes in historic brick-red fisherman’s cabins on stilts called rorbuers, now converted to comfortable accommodations.  At 122 miles north of the Arctic circle, in June and July we’ll have midnight sun but also mild temperatures due to the Gulf Stream.  The next morning we’ll explore the picturesque fishing village of Å, and then set off for five nights of remote walking and camping in high meadows and on isolated beaches.  Each day we’ll hike 2-8 miles and 1700-3500 feet of gain to sample the local landscape including (usually optional) hikes up one of the dramatic peaks near our camps.  One of these sections will be a two night backpack to a camp on a stunning remote perch, and we'll dayhike from that camp to a lake basin below towering peaks and above dramatic fjord views.  Our last Lofoten days will sample the picturesque villages of Henningsvaer and Svolvaer with another striking dayhike to a nearby peak and another memorable rorbuer stay with great Norwegian food, before transferring 3 hours NE to Evenes airport for flights to Oslo.

NOTE:  The west coast of the Lofotens are known for their unpredictable and sometimes wet weather, so our itinerary can change without notice and sections may be modified or dropped.  The priority will always be on safety for all participants. 

Time of Year:    We’ll be going in June when the weather is driest, days are long, and crowds not as thick as later in the summer.

Lodging:   The Lofoten trekking adventure will include a mix of hotels, traditional fisherman’s cabins (rorbuers), and camping (we will supply and carry our own camping gear, stoves and food for 5 days).  

Food:   Norwegian food is heavily influenced by the sea and it’s fishing history, as well as game from its mountains.  We’ll enjoy tasty restaurant meals on some days, and purchase our own camping food for Lofoten at small markets while in town.  There will also be multiple opportunities for coffee and a pastry at small cafes as we travel around!

Leader’s Experience:   Cheryl Talbert has led many Mountaineers hikes and many Mountaineers and private backpacks, treks and cultural trips around the U.S. west and worldwide (this will be her 35th Global Adventure lead).  She organized and led a successful Mountaineers adventure around the Lofoten islands in 2019. (

Strenuousness or Difficulty rating:   This itinerary is rated strenuous and challenging, less because of sheer distance and gain and more because of sometimes very rugged conditions including steep moraine and boulder field ascents and descents and moderate exposure in places.

Participant Requirements:    Must be a current Mountaineers member with an up-to-date waiver on file. This outing includes strenuous hiking on rugged terrain (including some steep moraine, boulders and scree slopes with some exposure) and camping or basic hut stays for several successive days without such amenities as showers or laundry.  The weather is mild on the Lofotens due to the impact of the gulf stream, but can be wet and windy on the west coast and snow can linger in some places.  For all these reasons, participants need to be in excellent condition with good balance and confidence traveling on rough, sometimes very steep terrain with a pack on, sometimes off trail, including moderate exposure at times, and with the experience and willingness to pack appropriately and to deal with cold and/or wet weather for extended periods.  Recent experience with multi-day strenuous backpacking, scrambling or hiking, plus a positive attitude and a demonstrated ability to get along well with groups under demanding conditions, will be very important.  

NOTE:  Your leader makes most of the arrangements and provides logistics support during the trip, but is NOT a tour guide!  As a Mountaineers group we will operate as interdependent, capable travelers making our way together and helping one another succeed and be safe.  You must have the ability to navigate on trails with a map and compass.

NOTE:  Participants must be fully vaccinated to participate in the trip.  In addition, participants are expected to practice conservative covid behavior before and during transit to the trip including masking and avoiding crowded indoor spaces whenever possible; and that they will carry covid self-tests on the trip and use them at any time when they experience a symptom commonly related to covid.  Any positive test will mean that the participant will need to leave the group and quarantine at their own expense for at least 5 days (or longer if not symptom free) before flying home.

Trip Price Detail:   $2900 including all lodging, transportation and some meals as described in the itinerary.   Your airfare (~$1500), travel insurance ($75-350), camping food (~$200) and a few meals in town ($150-250) are not included.  (Norway is an EXPENSIVE country, for food, lodging and transport….but trust me – it’s worth it!!)

Registration Instructions:    Leader approval is required so before registering please submit the application form below, which will automatically be sent to the leader.   The leader will gather applications for 2-4 weeks and then decide on the successful applicants based on the best fit with the participant requirements - approval is NOT based on the order in which people applied.


After the leader’s approval, go to the trip listing and click the REGISTER button to pay the 50% deposit and hold your space on the roster. Registration will close on March 30, 2023 or whenever the roster fills. The balance of the trip payment will be due in the spring of 2023.

The trip agreement and release forms below must be submitted soon after joining the roster.  The Supplemental Information form will be requested in the final weeks before the trip departs.

Trip Agreement    Release    Supplemental Information

Cancellation Policy:  If you cancel more than 60 days before the departure date, you may receive a refund less a $600 cancellation fee. If you cancel between 59 and 30 days before the departure date, the cancellation fee increases to $1000. If you cancel less than 30 days before the departure date, no refund is available.  NOTE:  the cancellation fees above may be waived other than a minimum $100 admin fee if someone can be found to take your place on the trip.


Hike and Backpack the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

After receiving your deposit, the leader will send out a series of letters or emails providing information to help participants succeed on the trip, including recommended and required gear, recommended maps and guidebooks.


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