Day Hike - Leavenworth Winter Sports Club


Day Hike - Leavenworth Winter Sports Club

No snow on this trip! There are flowers blooming on the Leavenworth Ski Hill. This will be a spring photography trip to photograph and identify flowers, birds & views of the mountains.

  • Easy
  • Casual
  • Mileage: 6.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 400 ft
  • Pace: Slow with long stops for photographs.

Monroe Park and Ride, 6:45 AM. We will caravan to the trailhead from Monroe. The Mountaineers does not coordinate carpools. If you are interested in carpooling, it would be up to you to coordinate the car pool. 

The trailhead is the ski parking lot. Any car will be able to drive to the trailhead. 
No fees or permits for parking at the trailhead.

The Leavenworth Ski Hill made it into a Best Wildflower Hikes book. We can walk the wildlife and plant trail, visit the meadow and hike the 4 The Boyz Memorial trail, which will lead us to views of the mountains and Leavenworth.  Spring flowers we could see are bluebells, glacier lily, yellow bell, chocolate/checker lily, mariposa lily, ballhead waterleaf and many more. There may be butterflies. 

This will be an extremely slow hike with lots of stops for photography and flower identification.  

Important Note:
This is a multi use trail. Mountain bikes (non-motorized) are allowed on the trails. There may be times were we need to step aside and let the bikes pass us. 

Dogs will not be allowed on this hike.

Here is a link to the Leavenworth Ski Hill website. Check out the list of possible flowers and birds. 
Hiking, Birds & Wildflowers | Leavenworth Winter Sports Club (

Mountainers covid code of conduct will be followed. Please make sure you have a mask and hand sanitizer or biodegrade soap.

Snow or heavy rain will cancel the trip.


Leavenworth Winter Sports Club

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

The Ten Essentials

  • Navigation
  • Headlamp
  • Sun protection
  • First aid
  • Knife
  • Fire
  • Shelter
  • Extra food
  • Extra water
  • Extra clothes
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