Klickitat Trail


Bikepack - Klickitat Trail

Overnight bike packing trip along the scenic Klickitat river trail. Participant must have tires of 2.1 or greater in good shape. We will ride out as far as we want and camp out where it is convenient.

  • Moderate, Bikepacking Gravel II, Bikepacking Gravel III
  • Moderate
  • Mileage: 43.0 mi
  • Elevation Gain: 2,356 ft

We will meet in the town of Lyle at 9 am ready to go. 

Leader will provide contacts for car  pooling to participants.  Leader may locate and reserve a campsite for Friday night and, if so, notify participants. 

The trip goals are to stay together, be safe and have fun. We will maintain a moderate pace with stops once an hour or as needed to adjust gear, hydrate, have snacks and lunch plus take pictures.

The leader has not done this trip, so it will be a bit of an exploratory trip but we will be following a trail. The river canyon is beautiful (viewed from a prior white water kayak trip). The route is reportedly rocky in places and participants must have a gravel bike or mountain bike with minimum of 2.1  width tires in good shape.

We will likely walk any significant rocky sections, especially if any participants are uncomfortable riding these sections.

For these reasons, I do not have a specific  goal for our campsite and we'll camp where is it comfortable by a group decision. 

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

The 10 Essential

Gravel bike or mountain bike with minimum 2.1 tires in good condition plus spare tubes

Repair kit

Tent, stove, cooking utensils

Sleeping bag and pad

Racks and panniers, handlebar bag or seat post bag for carrying your gear

Water filter 

Repair kit

Tire pump

Bike helmet 

Bike gloves

Sorry if I missed anything but these fields did not auto fill, will edit and and as needed.

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