The Mountaineers Emergency Line

The Mountaineers Emergency Line

The Mountaineers provides around-the-clock support to members and volunteers out on Mountaineers trips. Learn about our emergency contact procedures, which includes an emergency call line.


What is the Mountaineers Emergency Line?

The Mountaineers Emergency Line is available 24/7 to support any incident that happens on a Mountaineers trip. Calling this number will put you in touch with the organization through a staff member or trusted volunteer. They can advise if the caller has questions, or if he or she is unsure of whether to call 911.

When should I call the Mountaineers Emergency Line?

Members should call the Mountaineers Emergency Line when there has been a Critical incident (i.e. fatality) or Major incident (e.g. SAR and/or calls to 911). The organization needs to be notified of these incidents to initiate the Mountaineers Critical Incident Response Plan, and to get out in front of any press inquiries or legal exposure.


If you are unsure of whether or not to call the Mountaineers Emergency Line, please call!

In the event of a Critical or Major incident, members of all branches and committees with a trip emergency should:

  1. First call 911, and ask to be transferred to the Sheriff of the county they are in (or National Park Service for Rainier, Olympics, & North Cascades) for a Search and Rescue (SAR).
  2. Second notify the club by calling the Mountaineers Emergency Line.


Calling the Mountaineers Emergency Line will bring the services of The Mountaineers organization to bear. The club representative can provide advice on managing through the incident, notify emergency contacts and relevant committee/club leadership, and serve as spokesperson for external organizations such as the media.

If you call the Mountaineers Emergency Line, you will hear a message that says:

You have reached the Mountaineers Emergency Line. If you are involved in a trip emergency, call 911. If you’ve already done this, please press ‘1’. You will be connected to the club representative on-call who can provide further assistance. If you have tried that person and they are not available, press ‘2’, if they are not available press '3'.

Call Tree

  • Pressing “1” will connect with Mike Maude, Safety Volunteer
  • Pressing “2” will connect with Eric Linxweiler, Safety Volunteer
  • Pressing “3” will connect with Becca Polglase, Director of Programs & Operations
  • Pressing “4” will connect with Tom Vogl, Chief Executive Officer

View, download, and/or print a summary of the Mountaineers Emergency Contact Procedures. You can print and can cut out a card to carry in your Ten Essentials package or store the file on your mobile device.