Check below for answers to some of the most common questions about getting active with The Mountaineers.


  • Q: Do I have to become a member or can I participate as a guest?
    A: To take advantage of all The Mountaineers has to offer it's best to become a member. However, we offer guest memberships as a way for you to try a couple of activities with us before you commit to a full membership. Guests can participate in a total of two activities before a membership becomes necessary.
    All participants, whether they are members or guest members, must sign our liability waiver/release and indemnity agreement at least once per year before participating in any of our courses or activities. The liability waiver is linked to each individual's profile on www.mountaineers.org.
  • Q: I'm a member but my friend isn't. Can they go on a Mountaineers trip with me?
    A:  Non-members can participate if they sign up as a guest member. Guests are permitted to join activities as long as they have met the prerequisites and have not joined two activities within the past year.
  • Q: What are the advantages of becoming a member vs a guest ?
    A: Membership fees go directly to support our outdoor programs and conservation mission. In addition to being part of a community that inspires you to go outside, membership with us has numerous benefits, including lower fees on our courses. If you plan to take a course with us, membership is the way to go.
  • Q: I bought an Adult membership, but now I'd like to add my spouse or kids. How can I upgrade to a Family membership?
    A: You may certainly upgrade your membership by simply paying the difference. Email info@mountaineers.org for assistance. 
  • Q: I have a Family membership. How do I add family members to it?
    A: Family memberships can include 2 adults and an unlimited number of kids under 18 in the same household. To add family members to your account, log in and go to your profile page. Click the blue "Add Family Member" button in the upper right to get started. 


    • Q: When I try to sign up for something, why does it say I don't meet the prerequisites?
      A: Some of our courses and activities require that you have some technical knowledge and experience before participating. This ensures that everyone in the group is prepared and safe.
    • Q: How do I get the prerequisite experience, or earn a badge?
      A:  Visit our Course Overviews page to learn about the different courses you can take. Check under Learn->Find Courses and the Course Calendar to see what's currently available. Visit our Badges page to see all the badge types.
    • Q: I already have the prerequisite skills. Can I get the badge so I can participate?   
      A: You might qualify for equivalency. Email info@mountaineers.org and we will help you apply for equivalency so you can participate at the appropriate skill level.
    • Q: What does Leader's Permission mean and how do I  get it?
      A: The "Leader's Permission Only" restriction exists so that leaders can verify each participant is qualified to go on a specific trip. Usually the leader asks a series of questions or might have you fill out an application. Click HERE to learn more about how Leader's Permission works. Do not register until the leader responds and gives you approval- you'll be removed from the roster.


    • Q: How do I carpool for a trip?
      A: As a trip participant it's up to you to take initiative for carpooling. You can indicate your carpool preference on your profile and edit for a specific activity. Many times a leader will suggest a park and ride en route to the trailhead or meeting point. Learn more about how to set up your carpool preferences on your profile and how to email fellow trip participants from our site here.
    • Q: What do the different difficulty ratings mean?
      A: Difficulty ratings are there to help you understand how challenging an activity is compared to your capabilities. This includes considering things like mileage, elevation change, and what technical skills may be required. Click HERE to read more about difficulty ratings and how to interpret them. 

    • Q: Should I join the waitlist, and how will I know if a spot opens up?
      A:  If the course or activity you're interested in is full, you can join the waitlist, and you will receive an email from The Mountaineers if a spot becomes available. If there is a fee for the activity, you will have 5 days or less to log in and make your payment before the spot is offered to someone else. 
    • Q: What number am I on the waitlist?
      A: To see what number you are on the waitlist, click on "My Courses and Programs" or "My Activities" on your profile page and look under the "status" column. 
    • Q: Can I be signed up for one activity but on the waitlist for another activity on the same date?
      A: You'll get a warning message saying you have a date conflict, but contact Member Services if you'd like us to override the restriction.
    • Q: Can I bring my dog on my hike/scramble/paddle etc?                                                                                                 
      A: Dogs are generally not allowed on Mountaineers activity unless the activity specifically mentions dogs are okay. If you are interested in bringing your dog please check with the leader first before bringing your pet.
    • Q: I'm part of a course and I need to manage my registration. How do I do that?
      A. When you're enrolled and a course and need to register or cancel  for a related activity, you must log in to the website and visit the course page and use the blue "manage registration" button. A step by step tutorial is provided below:

      How to manage your registration in a course:
      1.) Log in to the website and click on your name in the upper right corner.

      2.) Click on the course title.

      3.) On the right side in the Registration window, click the blue button “manage registration"

      4.) When the window pops up, select or de-select the box by the activities you will participate in, and Save Changes.

      Have more questions? Contact Member Services, or email info@mountaineers.org 



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