Kayak Rolling


Kayak Rolling

The holder of this badge has demonstrated an ability to roll a sea kayak at a useful level of proficiency for paddling in the outdoor environment.

Description of Skills

Starting from a non-set up position, successfully roll the kayak in at least four of five attempts. Rolls on both sides must be successfully completed during those four of five attempts. An "attempt" is considered failed if the kayaker requires assistance or exits their boat or fails two attempts for that roll, even if they eventually do successfully roll up. Missing a roll once, then successfully rolling after one underwater reset will be considered a success. A "non-set up" position means the kayaker inverts (tips over) from a normal paddling position, not from a tucked pre-roll position. Evaluations will be conducted in outdoor paddling environments, not in pools, and both the paddler and kayak should be equipped for paddling in the natural environment. Nose/ear plugs are allowed.


Demonstrate skills to a qualified kayak leader or instructor. 

Contact a sea kayak leader or any of the Branch sea kayak committee chairs.