Four-Legged Hike Leader


Four-Legged Hike Leader

The holder of this badge has four legs, a sensitive snout, and has been approved as a hike leader for The Mountaineers.


The holder of this badge demonstrates proficiency in the following:

  • Low Impact Recreation principles (like eating food scraps accidentally left behind and minimizing loud chatter by not speaking human)
  • Efficient route finding, maybe by using highly a sensitive snout to discover the best path forward, which may sometimes be backward
  • Clear communication - keep in mind that this might not be clear to you human, and may look like incessant meowing, pawing, whining, panting, or falling asleep
  • Effective time management, whether that be walking around in circles until discovering the most delectable smell or finding the quickest (albeit most inconvenient) route to the final destination
  • Group management, such as herding participants to ensure no one gets left behind or giving participants equal opportunity to receive adequate pets


This badge allows four-legged friends to lead day hike trips for The Mountaineers.

Note: While we are so grateful for our four-legged leaders, please be mindful that they are unable to perform all of the same leadership duties as their human counterparts. Our four-legged hike leaders may also require some extra support. Should you notice your four-legged hike leader getting distracted, consider giving them a good scratch, a tasty treat, or carrying them the rest of the way.

Happy April Fool's Day Everyone!