Bikepack Leader


Bikepack Leader

The holder of this badge has been approved by their branch's Bikepacking committee to lead Bikepacking trips.


Description of Skills

The holder of this badge has demonstrated sound judgment, strong leadership skills, and technical proficiency in:

  • Group leadership, including trip planning and group dynamics
  • Use of topographical maps and compass
  • Riding safety, including identification of hazards and actions to avoid injury
  • Trail bike maintenance
  • First Aid, including being current in Wilderness First Aid or MOFA
  • Emergency preparedness (how to summon help should it be needed)



To get this badge, you must be approved by your branch's Bbikepacking Committee. Leaders must be graduates of the Bikepacking Course, or have applied for and demonstrated equivalency.  Bikepacking Leaders must have attended an Outdoor Leadership Course offered by The Mountaineers several times a year.

Sponsoring committees must be satisfied that potential leaders of Bikepacking activities have competence in each of the following key elements before being approved to lead a Mountaineers bikepacking trip. 

Group Leadership

  • Planning and organization
  • Screening of participants (as appropriate)
  • Communication (clear and effective)
  • Ensures that all party members are accounted for periodically and at the trip conclusion
  • Respectful, caring, considerate
  • Sound judgment and decision-making skills
  • Establishes trust
  • Focuses on group well-being and success as a whole
  • Adapts as required / situational leadership
  • Teaches / coaches and also learns from others 

Technical Skill

  • Has experience and physical abilities commensurate with the trip being led
  • Practical on trail bike maintenance skill
  • Practices Minimum Impact Procedures / Leave No Trace 7 Principles
  • Practices good Trail and Road Etiquette
  • Knowledge and use of 10 Essentials


  • Effectively navigates trail routes with map and compass and any other appropriate tools to “stay found” (altimeter, watch, GPS)

Ride Safety Skills

  • Shows good understanding of major bikepacking hazards and how to assess the level of risk
  • Shows good understanding of methods to prevent, mitigate or manage major risk factors  

First Aid and Emergency Preparedness

  • Able to handle common first aid situations likely to be experienced on a bikepack trip.
  • Know the “7 steps of Emergency Response” as described in Freedom of the Hills, or an equivalent

emergency management process

  • Exhibits a good understanding of how to handle emergency situations such as late return/after dark/lost biker/off route/lost
  • Demonstrates problem solving and leadership skills relating to medical emergencies or unexpected weather and trail conditions
  • Knows how to communicate /summon help

Knowledge of Standards and Policies

  • Familiar with applicable Mountaineers standards or procedures such as carpools; liability; waivers, postings and closings; ratings
  • Knows Incident reporting expectations
  • Familiar with maximum group size, permitting, camping, food storage, and other applicable land management agency regulations 

Leaders must also demonstrate skill maintenance by satisfactorily leading at least one trip every three years for the committee(s) for which they are approved as leaders. Contact the relevant committee contact through your branch's roster for application information and requirements.