Basic Snowshoeing Course Student


Basic Snowshoeing Course Student

This badge represents that someone has enrolled in our Basic Snowshoeing Course, an introductory course that prepares you to travel safely in the winter backcountry on snowshoes.

Description of skills

The holder of this badge is enrolled in our Basic Snowshoeing Course and is in the process of completing its requirements. To successfully complete this course, students must demonstrate proficiency in these skills:

  • Equipment and clothing selection 
  • Trip selection based on conditioning and skill level 
  • Snowshoe travel 
  • Avalanche hazards and safe travel principles 
  • Basic emergency preparedness (Including preventing hypothermia and frostbite, summoning 
    help if needed, and protecting and injured or ill person until help arrives)

What does with badge allow me to do?

  • Participate in lectures, field trips and optional activities that are part of our Basic Snowshoeing Courses
  • Participate in "Easy" Snowshoe trips. Note, the graduate badge allows you to participate in "Easy +" trips. 

How do I get this badge?

Enroll in one of our Basic Snowshoeing Courses.