Backcountry Trail Running Course


Backcountry Trail Running Course

This badge represents successful completion of the Backcountry Trail Running Course.

 Description of Skills

The holder of this badge has successfully completed our introductory-level backcountry trail running course, and has demonstrated proficiency in the following skills:

  • Equipment and clothing selection
  • Trip selection based on conditioning and skill level
  • Running-focused travel on varying terrain including, but not limited to rougher trail surfaces, water crossings, and trails that may have snow or ice present
  • Assessment of factors that impact trail running such as weather, terrain, and trail conditions
  • Identification of mountain hazards specific to trail running and familiarity with best practices for safety
  • On-trail navigational competency
  • Emergency preparedness (including bivouacs and how to summon help should it be needed)

What Does This Badge Allow Me to Do?

This badge enables its user to accompany others on Mountaineers’ led backcountry trail runs (as defined in the Mountaineers’ Trail Running Minimum Standards).

How Do I Get This Badge?


An individual receives this badge via the successful completion and graduation from the introductory-level Backcountry Trail Running course


The Backcountry Trail Run Course Badge may be granted to members who have relevant experience and can demonstrate proficiency in most the above skills. To connect with an equivalency coordinator at your branch, contact