Advanced Alpine Rock Climbing Course


Advanced Alpine Rock Climbing Course

This badge represents successful completion of the Advanced Alpine Rock course.

Description of skills

The holder of this badge has demonstrated proficiency in the following skills:


  • Application of alpine anchors and differences in alpine vs crag anchoring
  • Choosing suitable anchoring sites and assessing risk (rock fall, etc)
  • Properly assessing anchor materials and shortening/lengthening materials efficiently
  • Comparing pros and cons of belay devices/knots, assessing most efficient method
  • Leading in blocks vs. swing leading
  • Optimizing racking style
  • Critical analysis of belay transitions and gear exchange
  • Gear hauling and hauling assist for follower


  • Analysis of standard alpine rappel rig and extending rappel
  • Rappelling over obstacles and into high winds
  • Leaving gear on rappel
  • Rappelling on damaged rope or on tag line
  • Use of single rope vs. double ropes
  • Use of single rope/tagline vs. double ropes
  • Pros and cons of counterbalance rappel
  • Munter Rappel


  • Properly assessing when and how to ascend a rope
  • Comparing merits of various ascent rigs
  • Transfer from rappel to ascent in mid-rappel
  • Passing a knot on ascent
  • Dealing with stuck rope scenarios


  • Properly assessing terrain for simulclimbing
  • Methods for setting up and executing a simulclimb
  • Protecting a leader on simulclimb
  • Properly assessing terrain and executing a simulfollow.
  • Improvised aid tactics


  • Backing down on lead with or without a tagline

What does this badge allow me to do?

  • Attend and instruct at Alpine Rock skill sessions.
  • Participate in Alpine Rock climbs and field trips. Learn more about theses kinds of trips in the activity overview or search for upcoming activities.
  • With climb leader status, lead Alpine Rock climbs for current students.

How do I get the badge?

Successfully complete the requirements of the Advanced Alpine Rock Course.  This includes:

  • Attend all skill sessions and field trips.
  • Complete three Grade IV or V alpine climbs. Students may complete one or more of these climbs during the course. Note that qualifying climbs must be Grade IV+ Alpine Routes (eg. Dragontail Backbone Ridge). Grade IV+ Crag Routes (eg. Angel's Crest in Squamish) do not qualify.
  • Graduation from a Self Rescue course.
  • Participants have 2 years to complete all requirements.

Equivalency:  We don't offer equivalency at this time.