Seattle Branch Teanaway Twenty


Seattle Branch Teanaway Twenty

A peak pin and badge for scrambling a second ten peaks in the Teanaway River area.

About the Award

After completing the Seattle Branch Teanaway Ten, scramble these ten peaks in the Teanaway River area to earn the Seattle Branch Teanaway Twenty, a badge for your profile and a pin to wear.

  • DeRoux Peak (6,260 ft)
  • Devil’s Head (6,666 ft)
  • Fortune Peak (7,382 ft)
  • Ingalls Peak, South Peak (7,640+ ft)
  • Iron Peak (6,519 ft)
  • Johnson Mountain (5,220 ft)
  • Koppen Mountain (6,031 ft)
  • Malcolm Mountain (5,480 ft)
  • Teanaway Peak (6,779 ft)
  • Volcanic Neck (6,600+ ft)

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How to Obtain

Scramble all of the peaks while a current member of The Mountaineers. The climbs must be made in accordance with the Climbing Code. The climbs can be private trips and with non-Mountaineers team members. 


Contact the Seattle Branch Alpine Scrambling Committee Chair.