Seattle Branch Five Majors


Seattle Branch Five Majors

A peak pin and badge for climbing the five major glaciated peaks in Washington.

about the award

Climb all of these peaks to earn the Seattle Branch Five Majors peak pin, a badge for your profile and a pin to wear. These peaks are major glaciated peaks that require glacier travel skills to reach their summit.

  • Mount Adams (12,276 ft)
  • Mount Baker (10,771 ft)
  • Glacier Peak (10,541 ft)
  • Mount Olympus (7,965 ft)
  • Mount Rainier (14,410 ft)

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How to obtain

Climb all of the peaks while a current member of The Mountaineers. The climbs must be made in accordance with the Climbing Code. The climbs can be private trips and with non-Mountaineers team members. 


Contact the Seattle Branch Climbing Committee Chair.