The Mountaineers Leader of the Year


The Mountaineers Leader of the Year

This org-wide award recognizes Mountaineers leaders who have gone above-and-beyond to get our members outside through their trips!

This organization-wide award celebrates a Mountaineers leader whose trips have received the best feedback, maintained the safety and enjoyment of their groups, and provided opportunities for a large number of people to get outside!

The recipient of this annual organization-wide award is determined by our Board President, Board Vice President, and CEO, who review trip history and trip feedback for our top leaders in the prior year. If you have any questions, please email Sara Ramsay


  • 2019 - Ananth Maniam (ஆனந்த் மணியம்)
  • 2018 - Susan Shih
  • 2017 - Bill Borom
  • 2016 - Dick Hayek
  • 2015 - Brian Carpenter
  • 2014 - Nicole Hansen
  • 2013 - William Ashby
  • 2012 - Lawrence Landauer
  • 2011 - Gene Yore
  • 2010 - John Ohlson
  • 2009 - Eric Linxweiler and Mona West