Stayed Home


Stayed Home

The holder of this badge did their part to "flatten the curve" and showed off their staying indoors abilities!

To earn this badge, we want to see you all dressed up with nowhere to go. Put on your favorite gear as if you were out climbing, skiing, hiking, backpacking, paddling, or whatever your outdoor sport of choice, and send us a picture of you in or around your house. Bonus points if you are “sending” something new, like a first ascent traverse of your kitchen! The more creative, the better, and we’ll feature our favorite submissions on our Instagram feed for the next few weeks. 

Just because we’re inside doesn’t mean that our gear has to gather dust! Don your harness, lace up your boots, strap on that headlamp, pitch your tent, or use your paddle to scoot your office chair around the room. We want to see your best impression of your outside self, inside.

how do I get this badge?

To earn the badge,  share a photo of yourself geared up for your favorite outdoor activity while staying inside, and the badge will stay on your your profile until we've weathered this storm. Send your photos to to be awarded the badge. We also encourage you to share your posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and tag @mountaineersorg and use our hashtag #OurPNW if you're willing to have us reshare your content as one of our favorites. You must have a Mountaineers profile to earn the badge.