Olympia Branch Service Award


Olympia Branch Service Award

For service above and beyond the call of duty to our Olympia Branch.


For service to our Olympia Branch above the call of duty. The Mountaineers Olympia Branch Service Award consists of two plaques, one large plaque listing all recipients with the new name added each year, and a small individual plaque. Each plaque has the recipient's name engraved on it. Recipients also receive a service award pin.


A committee comprised of the three most recent service award recipients chooses the next award recipient (from nominations submitted to the committee from fellow Olympia Branch members). Each award recipient serves a term of three years. The first year, the award recipient becomes the chair of the Service Award Committee

Current Recipient

Maxine Dunkelman

Maxine joined Mountaineers in 1990, took the climbing class in 1991 and graduated, and started being the librarian (3rd in our branch history) in 1994. Maxine also taught the canoeing portion of the water sports/kayaking class.

Maxine computerized the library collection of around 1500 before the PC computerized. In addition to lending materials (books, videos, maps, various equipment), Maxine patiently guides folks through how to use The Mountaineers website and also helps them choose what they may need for their trip in the way of information. She takes the care to match people with possible mentors.

About a dozen years ago, Maxine purchased (and received as donations) a few bear resistant containers which have been a big hit. Maxine and her team bring a selection of items from the library to almost every social and informational branch activity. She is often the first point of contact for folks with questions about the Olympia Branch. Google searches leads to Maxine, so she is often the face of the Branch and of the Mountaineers. Maxine and her husband also use to be the webmasters when the Olympia branch had it’s own website.

For three years, Mazine was co-social chair for the branch and worked on Zoom and in-person gatherings, including open houses, award ceremonies, summer picnics, and adventure talks. They also kept the many different class flyers printed and distributed. She became the social chair to push for environmentally-friendly gatherings, especially emphasizing sustainable food and waste practices for each event. This concept is now part of Olympia’s event procedures. This effort is what Maxine is most proud of.

Award Recipients

2022 Maxine Dunkelman
2021 Mike Riley 
2020 Richard Irwin
2019 Richard Kennedy
2018 Dixie Havlak
2017  Tom Eckhout
2016 Will Greenough
2015 Carla Jonientz
2014 Carolyn Burreson
2013 Mike Kretzler
2012 Curt Rosler
2011 Henry Romer
2010 Jim French
2009 Ron Raff
2008 John Flanagan
2007 Don Lund
2006 Jamer Lang
2005 Marilyn Miller
2004 Ed Henderson
2003 Kerry Lowry
2002 Paul Schaufler
2001 Olive Hull
2000 Edythe Hulet
1999 Thomas W. Pearson
1998 Frank Maranville
1997 Hugh Favero
1996 Tom Keller
1995 Tom Whitney
1994 Linda Stretz
1993 Bartlett Burns
1992 Roy and Grace Teague
1991       Paul Wiseman