Olympia Branch Sea Kayaking South Sound Inlets


Olympia Branch Sea Kayaking South Sound Inlets

A sea kayaking pin and badge for paddling along the shoreline of inlets in South Puget Sound.


Earn a pin to wear and a badge for your profile by paddling at least seven miles of unrepeated shoreline within these inlets:

  • Budd Inlet
  • Carr Inlet
  • Case Inlet
  • Eld Inlet
  • Hammersly Inlet
  • Henderson Inlet
  • Totten Inlet
This award could be achieved without exceeding an SKII+ rating or a 10 nm total paddle distance.


  • Shall be an official Mountaineers trip advertised on the Mountaineers website and open to any qualified Mountaineer paddler.
  • Rescheduling due to weather or other parameters is acceptable. Paddlers registered for the original trip should be encouraged to participate on the rescheduled day.
  • Shall have at least three participants including leader.
  • Must be a current Mountaineers member.
  • It is recommended that participants paddle within one SK rating of their previous experience. Details of the Sea Kayak (SK) rating system can be found in the Mountaineers Kayak Leadership Manual, or check with the trip leader.
  • Those pursuing an award must keep their own records, including date, leader and branch listing the trip, a list of all other participants and a brief report of the trip. Download a South Sound Inlets Paddle Pin Tracking Form.
  • To receive your award and be recognized at your branch's annual banquet, you must submit documentation using the official paddle pin form to the Olympia Kayak Awards Coordinator by September 30.
  • No trip paddled prior to January 2003 will count towards achievement of these awards.


Jean Fisher, Wb2jean@yahoo.com