Olympia Branch Lookout Patch


Olympia Branch Lookout Patch

A patch and badge for hiking, climbing, or scrambling to the summit of peaks that are or were Forest Fire Lookouts sites.


Earn a patch to wear and a badge for your profile by hiking, climbing, or scrambling to the summit of twelve of these Forest Fire Lookout sites.

Baw Faw Peak Ryderwood 13 mi W of Winlock 3,110 ft
Bogachiel Peak Bogachiel Peak 10 mi S of Lake Crescent 5,474 ft 
Capitol Peak Rochester 12 mi SW of Olympia 2,658 ft 
Colonel Bob Grisdale 4 mi E of Lake Quinault 4,492 ft 
Crystal Lake White River 13 mi ENE of Mt Rainier 6,595 ft 
Gobbler’s Knob Mt. Wow 8 mi WSW of Mt Rainier 5,485 ft 
Heybrook Lookout Index 1 mi ESE of Index 1,701 ft 
High Rock Randle 13 mi SW of Mt Rainier 5,685 ft 
Huckleberry (Christoff Lookout) Greenwater 19 mi E of Buckley 4,764 ft
Kloochman Kloochman Rock 14 mi NNW of Lake Quinault 3,356 ft.
Mount Beljica Peak Mt. Wow 10 mi SW of Mt Rainier 5,475 ft 
Mount Fremont Sunrise 7 mi NE of Mt Rainier 7,181 ft 
Mount Jupiter The Brothers 13 mi SW of Quilcene 5,701 ft 
Mount Townsend Tyler Peak 9 mi NW of Quilcene 6,212 ft 
Mount Zion Tyler Peak 9 mi NW of Quilcene 4,273 ft 
Shriner Peak Chinook Pass 11 mi ESE of Mt Rainier 4,856 ft 
Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty 11 mi SW of Mt Adams 4,907 ft 
Suntop Greenwater 15 mi NE of Mt Rainier 5,271 ft 
Tatoosh Packwood 7 mi N of Packwood 6,310 ft 
Tiger Mountain Hobart 8 mi W of North Bend 3,004 ft 

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Climb or hike the peaks while a current member of The Mountaineers. The trips must be made in accordance with the Climbing Code. The climbs and hikes can be private trips and with non-Mountaineers team members. The trips must have been completed after February 1987.

Send your Peak Pin request to the contact below with your name, date you joined the Mountaineers, and date of each trip and all party members. Please DO NOT send links to databases.


See the Olympia Awards & Peak Pins page for contact and awards presentation details.