Olympia Branch Alpine Lakes


Olympia Branch Alpine Lakes

A pin and badge earned by hiking to 12 lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Party size must be 2 or more and adequate equipment including the Ten Essentials must be carried.

About the award

Earn a pin to wear and a badge for your profile for hiking to 12 of these lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

Gallagher Lake 209, 208S 5,600 ft
Alaska Lake 207, 207S 4,200 ft
Angeline Lake 175. 176, 176S 4,609 ft
Jade Lake 175, 176, 176S 4,600 ft
Malachite Lake 175, 176, 176S 4,089 ft
Surprise Lake 176, 176S 4,508 ft
Lake Susan Jane 176, 176S 4,596 ft
Lake Josephine 176, 176S 4,681 ft
Lake Ethel 145, 177, 176S 5,500 ft
Larch Lake (Chiwaukum)     177, 178, 176S 6,078 ft
Lake Caroline 209S, 208S 5,700 ft
Turquoise Lake 176, 177, 176S 5,400 ft
Lake Ingalls 209, 20p9S, 208S 6,463 ft
Spectacle Lake 207, 208, 208S 4,239 ft
Tuck Lake 176, 176S 5,268 ft

How to obtain

Hike to at least 12 of the 15 listed lakes as a Mountaineer member. List the date of your hike and your hiking partner(s).


See the Olympia Awards & Peak Pins page for contact and awards presentation details.