Foothills Branch Service Award


Foothills Branch Service Award

The Foothills Service Award is given each year to a branch volunteer(s) who has gone "above and beyond" with their efforts and contributions.

The recipients of this award are nominated by branch members and approved by the Foothills Branch Council in November of each year.   Watch for a link to the nomination form in your November branch newsletter!


2010 - Chris Caviezel

2011 - Monty Pratt

2012 - Steve LeBrun

2013 - Cheryl Talbert

2014 - Chuck McLaren

2015 - Gerry Haugen

2016 - Denise Crafton and Bonnie Eiber (co-recipients)

2017 - Russ Immel and Jerry White (co-recipients)

2018 - Chris Soverel

2019 - Travis Prescott and Gabrielle Orsi (co-recipients)

2020 - Karen Wallace and Chris Ensor (co-recipients)

2021 - Danielle Graham and Tom Eng (co-recipients) 

2022 - Nancy Temkin

2023 - Lori Heath