Everett Branch Silver Peak Award


Everett Branch Silver Peak Award

This badge is awarded by the Everett Climbing Committee for summiting 6 of 7 peaks in any two of the Darrington, Index, or Monte Cristo groups.

About the Award

Earn a pin to wear and a badge for your profile by summiting 6 of 7 peaks in the Darrington, Index, and Monte Cristo areas.

  • Bronze Pin - summit six peaks from one group for Bronze Award
  • Silver Pin - summit six peaks from two groups for the Silver Award
  • Gold PIn - summit six peaks from all three groups for the Gold Award

Darrington Group

  • Jumbo Mountain (5,840+ ft)
  • Liberty Mountain (5,688 ft)
  • Mt. Chaval (7,127 ft)
  • Mount Pugh (7,224 ft)
  • Three Fingers (6,870 ft)
  • Whitechuck Mountain (6,989 ft)
  • Whitehorse Mountain (6,852 ft)

Index Group

  • Gunn Peak (6,240 ft)
  • Merchant Peak (6,113 ft)
  • Mount Baring (6,125 ft)
  • Mount Index (5,979 ft)
  • Mount Persis (5,452 ft)
  • Mount Stickney (5,367 ft)
  • Spire Peak (6,213 ft)

Monte Cristo Group

  • Big Four Mountain (6,135 ft)
  • Cadet Peak (7,186 ft)
  • Columbia Peak (7,172 ft)
  • Del Campo (6,610 ft)
  • Silvertip Peak (6,140 ft)
  • Sloan Peak (7,835 ft)
  • Vesper Peak (6,214 ft)

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How to Obtain

Climb all of the peaks while a current member of The Mountaineers. The climbs must be made in accordance with the Climbing Code. The climbs can be private trips and with non-Mountaineers team members.


Everett Climbing Committee


Climbing Committee Chair