Mini Mountaineers - Tacoma - 2022

Youth Program

Mini Mountaineers

The Mini Mountaineers is a community of families exploring together to inspire a love for the outdoors in the future stewards of our planet. Join your little one for nature-based activities and meet other families who love the outdoors!


Mini Mountaineers is designed to get kids ages 2-5 and an accompanying adult interacting with nature together, fostering the next generation of environmental stewards. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters, friends...let us do the planning to get you and your little one outside together with fellow outdoorsy families!

Variety of Activities

Mini Mountaineers hosts 2 activities per month:

  • A weekend nature hike at Pt. Defiance, where we listen for birds, splash in a creek, play in the sand, look for bugs,...and enjoy being surrounded by nature! 
  • An adventure activity, such as climbing night at the Program Center climbing wall, short hikes in the mountains, snowshoe outings, and more! All activities will be planned with little legs in mind! Friday nights or weekends.


Enrolling in this course allows you to register for any Mini Mountaineers events. There is no cost or obligation for the individual activities. You must, however, have a Family Membership or Guest Family Membership and complete the Family Programs Activity Form on your youth's profile in order to enroll.

Please register the youth participant(s) and adult chaperone(s) separately.

Program Requirements
Program Activity Date Availability Leader
Nature Walk (optional)
Point Defiance Park
Sun, Apr 23, 2023
Registration closes Apr 21
0 participants
4 chaperones
Point Defiance Park
Sun, May 21, 2023
Registration closes May 19
0 participants
4 chaperones
Point Defiance Park
Sun, Jun 25, 2023
Registration closes Jun 23
0 participants
4 chaperones
Point Defiance Park
Sun, Jul 30, 2023
Registration closes Jul 28
0 participants
4 chaperones
Point Defiance Park
Sun, Aug 27, 2023
Registration closes Aug 25
1 participant
4 chaperones
Adventure Activity (optional)
Ancient Lake
Sat, Apr 29, 2023 -
Sun, Apr 30, 2023
Registration closes Apr 27
5 participants on waitlist
Swan Creek Park
Sat, May 13, 2023
Registration closes May 11
3 participants on waitlist
Exit 38/Far Side Crags
Sun, Jun 4, 2023
Registration closes Jun 2
4 participants on waitlist
Irish Cabin Property
Sat, Jul 22, 2023 -
Sun, Jul 23, 2023
Registration closes Jul 20
10 participants
12 chaperones
Ozette Triangle
Sat, Aug 5, 2023 -
Sun, Aug 6, 2023
Registration closes Aug 3
11 participants on waitlist
3 chaperones on waitlist
Required Equipment

The required equipment varies by trip, but generally speaking Mini Mountaineers  and their caregivers will need:

Comfortable shoes for hiking

Appropriate clothing to protect from the weather and elements


A medium-sized backpack

Water bottles

Food and snacks

1st aid kit

Whatever else your child needs to be happy and healthy

Program Materials

You must register for this program to see program materials.