Surf Zone & Beyond- Surf Clinic - Hobuck Beach


Surf Zone & Beyond- Surf Clinic - Hobuck Beach

Clinic that teaches how to launch, land, and paddle safely in and out through surf zones with up to 4 feet of surf.

  • Sea Kayak V
  • Challenging
  • Mileage: 4.0 nm
  • Maximum Wind: 15 kts
  • Maximum Waves: 4 ft
  • Maximum Currents: 2 kts
  • Pace: moderate to brisk

Hobuck Beach, exact location TBD. Ready to paddle at 9 AM

A one-day on-water event covering concepts and techniques of safely traversing a surf zone in a long-boat kayak.  This is NOT a surfing clinic, in fact we will be trying not to surf. The surf zone is an extremely dynamic water environment.  Paddling in surf zones requires reflexive bracing and frequent swimming.  Capsizes are frequent.  A roll is great to have, but not necessary to take the clinic. The clinic will be presented as "challenge by choice" where participants may decline to do any of the exercises. 

Participants should already have taken a Currents clinic.

I also recommend participants have taken a strokes and maneuvers clinic; and have a good forward stroke, low brace, stern rudder, a strong reverse stroke,  forward and reverse sweep strokes while edging, and a reliable draw stroke.

Neah Bay, and the surrounding Tribal area is "dry".  No alcohol is to be sold or consumed in the area.  I expect all participants to respect tribal laws while using their lands. 

In addition, the following is copied from the Makah website.

The Makah Tribe is a separate sovereign. We have a Treaty that confirms our sovereignty and self-determination. A big part of that sovereignty is that state laws do not apply to the Tribe and its territory. As a state law, I-502 could not and does not legalize marijuana within the Makah Reservation.

Like Makah law, federal law lists marijuana as a controlled substance and possessing, using, buying and selling it is a federal crime. On the Makah Reservation, every little bit of pot is illegal. Wherever, whenever, however.


Hobuck Beach & Neah Bay

  • Custom Correct North Olympic Coast

    Green Trails Cape Flattery No. 98S

    MapTech Cape Flattery to Whidbey Island No. 103

    Sea Trails Strait of Juan de Fuca & Crescent Lake WA301

    Sea Trails Roadless Coast, Neah Bay to Ruby Beach WA302

    NOAA Cape Flattery No. 18485

    Green Trails Olympic Coast Beaches No. 99S
  • See full route/place details.
Required Equipment

Required Equipment

Sea kayak with sealed hatches in the bow and stern and perimeter deck lines in the bow and stern.

Properly fitting dry suit with adequate thermal insulation underneath for prolonged exposure to the sea.

Properly fitting spray skirt.

Properly fitting Coast Guard approved type III PFD.

Kayak paddle that floats.

First aid kit for kayaking.

Helmet suitable for kayaking.

Recommend neoprene hood and gloves.

Recommend spare paddle.

Will need a Makah recreation permit for each vehicle. They are $20 and valid for the calander year. They may be purchased at the Hobuck campground, the Makah Mini Mart, and the Makah Marina.  They are no longer available at Washburns Grocery.

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