Introduction to Currents - Tacoma - Deception Pass


Introduction to Currents - Tacoma - Deception Pass

Introduction to currents, bracing and rescues

  • Sea Kayak IV/V
  • Challenging
  • Mileage: 8.0 nm
  • Maximum Wind: 15 kts
  • Maximum Waves: 3 ft
  • Maximum Currents: 5 kts
  • Pace: moderate to brisk

Bowman Bay boat launch, ready to paddle at 9 AM

This clinic is an INTRODUCTION to currents.  This years' basic class students may take the clinic if they have had two student paddles before the event (more is much better). First we will discuss paddling in currents, then practice some rescues and learn towing skills in a calm bay.    We will then paddle to Canoe and Deception pass, entering near slack current.   As the current builds we will learn how to enter and exit a current stream; how to paddle across a current stream, how to perform rescues in currents, and how to play in whirlpools and boils!  You will learn how to glide across the currents, and use currents to aid turning your boat.  Everything will be "challenge by choice" meaning the participants can opt out of any of the event, but if you do you won't get credit for taking the clinic (which is a requirement for the Intermediate Sea Kayaker badge). It is expected that capsizes will occur, which is part of the fun and part of learning.  Dry suits are mandatory.  It is advisable to take the Incident Management clinic the following day.



Deception Pass

  • Sea Trails Deception Pass and Skagit Bay WA101

    NOAA Bellingham to Everett No. 18423

    NOAA Anacortes to Skagit Bay No. 18427
  • See full route/place details.
Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  • In addition to the kayaking 10 essentials, you will need
  •               All boats must have full perimeter deck lines
  •                Drysuit
  •                Helmet
  •               Tow belt and short tow (ask instructor before you purchase)
  •                Snacks and water accessible on water
  •               Sprayskirts and PFD's must be properly fitting.
  •              Paddles and bilge pumps must float
  •              Anything on a deck must be fastened down, or you may be able to    
  •           purchase it on eBay the following week.
  • Recommended:
  •                Neoprene skull cap
  •                Nose plugs or goggles
  •                Gloves
  •                Radio (if you have one)   
  •                Storm cag or poncho during lunch if cold.
  •              Glasses and sunglasses should be equipped with floating straps in a bright/visible color.

You will not need a chart and compass, flashlight, or fire starter.

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