Sea Kayak Navigation - Lecture

Lecture: Sea Kayak Navigation

Sea Kayak Navigation - Lecture - Mountaineers Tacoma Program Center

Lecture workshop for the Sea Kayak Navigation course.

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9:00 AM start time at the Tacoma Program Center. 2300 North 30th St, Tacoma. Plan on getting there a few minutes earlier to sign in and help set up chairs and such.  We should be done by 4:30.

The classroom session will be all day at the Tacoma Program Center.  We will cover tides, currents, weather,  compass use, navigational tools, and chart reading in much more detail than the Basic Class. We will show you how to plan a trip involving currents. We will teach the concepts of piloting and dead reckoning but not cover electronic (GPS) navigation. You will be working problems much of the day. Bring a lunch and something to drink.  A refrigerator is available for your use.

Those who have already had sea kayak navigation class training may be "bumped" if there is a wait list of participants who have not. 

We may be taking a short walk to the local docks, weather permitting.

This is open to mountaineers members only.


Mountaineers Tacoma Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

For the lecture; Ruler that doubles as a straight edge, Hand-held (base-plate) compass preferably with 2 degree gradations (you do not want an orienteering compass with a mirror and magnifying lens and adjustable declination, and you do not want an electronic compass), 18" (or so) string for measuring (dental floss or kitchen string works)  something to crunch numbers,  a smartphone or laptop to access tide/current tables is helpful. Note pad and pen. A small pair of binoculars might be helpful if you have them, but don't buy a pair just for this class.

Chart of Puget Sound if you have one,  otherwise we have spares. Most of us use a waterproof Maptech 100 for South Puget Sound.  We have several to lend out, but these are handy for paddling in the area.

Bring your lunch and something to drink.

For the on-water day (the 19th).  See list under that activity.

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