Beginning Kayak Roll - 2023

Sea Kayaking Course

Beginning Kayak Roll

Kayak roll class; 3 pool sessions.

Kayak rolling is an extremely valuable skill. Not only will you be able to get back up in a few seconds after a capsize, but it's fun! Your confidence level in general will soar. You will be able to push the limits on kayak strokes and maneuvers, knowing that if you capsize, you can come back up without having to wet exit.

Here is what the course entails:

We’ll hit the pool on three separate dates in November.  Each session will be two hours long. You will be working with an instructor on various drills and steps on how to roll your kayak.

Meeting Time and Place:

Pool sessions: Sunday November 5th, Sunday November 12th and Sunday November 19th from 9:00 to 11:00 each day. Please arrive 1/2 hour early to help your classmates unload boats and be suited up and ready to go at 9:00.

Location:  Tukwila Pool - 4414 South 144th Street, Tukwila, WA 98168

Please register separately for each pool day you plan to attend. We recommend attending all three sessions.

Leader Notes:

Lead Instructor: Don Short, 253-426-8638 or

Contact the leader for permission to sign up and discuss your boat fit. The information packet is on this web page; click on the blue “Course Materials” tab below. It is essential you review these materials well ahead of the course.

We recommend students and instructors watch the video, "The Kayak Roll" by Mary and Phil DeReimer, directed by Kent Ford. Stream Instantly Whitewater – PerformanceVideo.

There are no prerequisites for this class. However, you must be able to swim, and you should be familiar with performing a wet exit (removing the spray skirt after a capsize and exiting the cockpit). If you have never done a wet exit, please discuss this with the lead instructor before signing up.

Course Requirements

This course has no scheduled activities.

Required Equipment

Please bring your own properly fitted kayak. Rolling a kayak requires being able to flip the boat upright using your knees, so if your kayak does not have knee braces, we recommend adding some before the class. You will also need a spray skirt and a paddle. We recommend wearing a PFD to get used to rolling with one on. We also recommend either a pair of goggles and nose clips, or a diving mask that covers your eyes and nose. You may also want to consider wearing a wetsuit or shorty wetsuit if you have one, but this is not required. Lockers are available; bring your own lock.