Tacoma Intermediate Rock - Practice Clinic 3

Field trip: Intermediate Rock Module

Tacoma Intermediate Rock - Practice Clinic 3 - Mountaineers Tacoma Program Center

This skills practice night is preparation for the Rock 3 self rescue field trip.

  • Easy

6pm @ clubhouse

  1. Rescuer lowers “victim” to the base using a redirected plate lower 
  2. “Victim” lower is converted to a belay off the anchor in guide mode 
  3. “Victim” climbs halfway up the pitch and stops (simulating difficulty ascending) 
  4. Rescuer releases the loaded device and then lowers the “victim” a few feet with a Load Strand Direct (LSD) 
  5. (“Victim” simulates an inability to climb any further) 
  6. Rescuer assists the “victim” with a drop-loop raise and raises them to within 10-15 ft of the top of the cliff  
  7. Rescuer converts the drop-loop raise to a 3:1, raises the victim a few feet 
  8. Rescuer converts the 3:1 system to a 7:1 system and raises the “victim” a few more feet 
  9. (Simulated rock fall injures the “victim”)    
  10. Rescuer escapes the belay, retrieves their device, descends on rappel to “assess” the “victim” 
  11. Rescuer ascends the rope back to the belay 
  12. Rescuer performs a counterbalance rappel to the “victim” 
  13. Rescuer descends to the base with the victim on a counterbalance rappel 

Mountaineers Tacoma Program Center

Required Equipment

Required Equipment

  • 6 medium to large locking carabiners 
  • 6 non-locking carabiners 
  • 2 cordelettes 
  • 4 double-length runners  
  • 2 prussik loops (autoblock), or 1 prussik loop and a Tibloc 
  • Guide style belay plate (BD ATC, Petzl Reverso) (Gri Gri or other assisted braking devices not allowed) 
  • Harness 
  • Short 30 meter half-rope (glacier rope) or scramble rope (ground school practice); one per 3-person team 
    • ( Upon request the instructor can provide short practice ropes) 
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